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Jacob's Ladder curse
spells, spook, possessions

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system check | Jacob's ladder curse | Spell / Ban | Spook and Possessions

First of all I would like to let you know that not everything unpleasant
in your life (eg, too little money, bullying, frequent illness, etc.)
is caused by the influence of black magic or possessions.
Often it is due to thought patterns or your own beliefsystems.

Spells and curses are black magic.
Haunting and occupations/possessions (boogies) are entities that do not belong here.


"System Check"
With this, I can detect the following items:
- Curse / Jacob's ladder and spell shapes
- Anchor in the collective field of depressions
- Occupations by entities
- Specific destructive geometric shapes within the aura

For a system check I need your complete name and date of birth.
The check is done in distant treatment only.
investment : 40 € ( prepayment please, no PayPal)

I perform this check only for people who contact me personally,
for third parties you may not order to perform this check.



Jacob's Ladder curse
The curse of the Jacob's ladder is rare, but devastating, insidious and destructive.
It prevents the positive and attracts destruction. It is knotted into the DNA (also called knot magic curse).
The name Jacob's ladder refers to the biblical ladder between
heaven and earth, symbolically for the DNA (the bridge of angel - human).

There are Jacob's Ladders in two versions: with 11 rungs (mostly very old) and with 9 rungs.
Because each rung is connected to both sides of the DNA helix, there are 22 or 18 knots to be resolved.

Jacob ladders are inherited from generation to generation through DNA.
Therefore, other names are: family curse, clan's curse, bloodline curse.
'Coz humans have two physical DNA strands, two physical Jacob ladders are possible.
On the energetic level, unfortunately there can be even more.
And the energetic ladders can overlap and hide, so at first time only one is visible.
After removing, a next one can become visible.

This curse induces its effect by e.g. having built up something in your life
and just before reaching the target everything breaks together.
But also in meantime destruction can happen,
since this form of magic destroys essential parts of the DNA.
And it prevents all kinds of energetic healing and enlightment
- the curse contains the dark to protect itself.

Often the complete family (the bloodline / clan) suffers from many generations back by these effects.
It seems like bad luck, disaster, accidents, poverty and disease ravage complete family line.
Even family constellations therapy doesn't work or heal.
This curse is hard to detect, since it acts at irregular intervals.

Ancient Druids (celtic healers) passed the art of resolving this knot magic,
this ancient technique still works today.
One knot per day is untied, so the complete removing lasts 18 or 22 days.
Overall, it takes 28 days (a lunar phase) for the energy to completely be removed.

Newly anchored Jacob ladders act immediately and unfortunately extremely violent,
but this makes them to be detected quite instantly.
In our "modern times" Jacob ladders often express by bullying, accidents, juristic trouble,
increasing of disease symptoms, enmity, violent arguments, degrading, wrong decisions, insolvency,
being ignored, addictions, betrayal, psychic problems or spiteful disrespect.

New Jacob ladders occur in persons who are still caught in a "victim role" or act very antisocial,
sometimes by very wicked "revenge" in separations/divorces
and in competitive battle (even by lightworkers!)

Since I work in the New Energy of 999, the Higher Guides transferred
a special technique to me, allowing me to break this dark magic in a single day.
I dont have to untie every single knot one after the other.
I am allowed to cut the complete part of the strand.
This is done as a remote treatment. I don't need a photo of you, just your complete name
and your date of birth to reach you with the curse-removing energy.

So, as a branch of up to 1/32 of the bloodline may be affected by the curse impact,
so the removing may happen up to 1/32 of the bloodline - unless the individual souls agree.

Your investment :
removing that curse (distant treatment) : 150 euros

system check

expanded treatment
aura and chakra clearing with divine intervention technique,
removing spell shapes, removing damaging crystalline geometry,
anchoring a light language grid for protection, check for and removing other black magic
(distant treatment only)
350 euros

Please understand that I perform this ritual only after received payment.
To resolve this curse, I have to enter the field of black magic.
This is very uncomfortable for me, exhausting, and the ritual is quite intensive.

If you have booked another treatment with me, the checking of ladders is a free service.

Note: All damage that has already been caused by the Jacob's ladder
will not be resolved by removing the curse.
What has been done, stays been done.


Ban and Spell ~ spell shapes

A spell or ban is placed by a special geometric shape in the aura.
It is usually imposed by other people - sometimes in rituals, sometimes just by an intense wicked thought
- and sometimes by ourselves, like a vow , for example by a statement such as "I'll never do that again."
Either intentionally or maliciously, a ban/spell was sent by parents
- they want to get rid of the feelings of their unfullfilled dreams
and place this energy into their child, and also by using phrases
like "you'll come to no good." / "you'll never amount anything."

Spells are quite common, but relatively harmless.
They do not directly destroy, but they prevent (ban) something.
Lots of people carry more than one ban.
Sometimes it happens that tourists in areas where dark magic is common (e.g. Mexico, Haiti)
pick up a spell as a "vacation souvenir" in the aura (sent by envy) or on objects. Haunted artifacts.

Ban forms may act generally or specifically.
For example, they can obstruct the flow of cash, strengthen disease or create hostilities or pain.

I remove spells using a shaman technique..
This also works in distant healing.

If you have booked another healing session with me,
the removal of spell shapes is a free service.


Possessions - Boogies - Spook - Entities

I remove those entities or elementals by using a shaman technique.
They will be sent back into the light - to heal.

These entities often are souls which haven't gone back the light,
sometimes after sudden death (accident, killing),
sometimes when they are stuck into materials or obsessions
(grief, hatred, revenge, addictions - and also unhealthy love or helper syndrome)

Boogies can enter our energy field when we are not in our power,
e.g. strong emotions, accidents, being drunken or during anesthesia.
They can slip thru the crown chakra and steal energy out of our aura,
they can also manipulate with their own unhealed patterns.

Distant treatment only.

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